London A-Z Reviews

This page features links to all my London restaurant reviews in alphabetical order in easy to follow categories. There are also links to my London guides such as 'Off The Blog' and noodle round-ups.

Chinese Restaurants in London - My Favourites
Ba Shan
Little Lamb
Mama Lan (Beef Noodle Soup)
New Aroma
Pearl Liang
Phoenix Palace (Dim Sum)
Phoenix Palace (Dinner Feb 2010)
Phoenix Palace (Dinner Sept 2010)
Princess Garden of Mayfair 
Red Sun
Royal Palace
Sichuan Restaurant
Tai Tung (Wing Yip)
Taiwan Village
Taste of Beijing (CLOSED May 2010)
Young Cheng
Zen China

Chinese Restaurants in London - The Rest
A Wong
Cha Cha Moon
Courtesan Dim Sum Bar
Dumplings' Legend
Fuzhou Restaurant
Golden Day
Golden Harvest (CLOSED Oct 2010) - see Off The Blog 3
Harbour City
HK Diner
La Mian & Dim Sum Stall (Greenwich Market)
Leong's Legends Continues - see Off The Blog 3
Mama Lan (Beijing Dumplings)
Mama Wang's Kitchen
Noodle Bar - see Off The Blog 2
No.10 Restaurant
Ping Pong
Red 'N' Hot (Chinatown)
Red 'N' Hot (Euston) - see Off The Blog 3
Royal China (Putney)
Royal China Club
Wan Chai Corner

Other Restaurants in London - My Favourites
@Siam - see Off The Blog 5
101 Thai Kitchen
Bea's Diner (Maltby St Market)
Bistro DéLICAT
Bob Bob Ricard - see Off The Blog 4
Bone Daddies
Casa Morita
Cây Tre Soho
Cây Tre Soho (Visit 2) - see Off The Blog 7
Chennai Dosa
Ciao Bella - see Off The Blog 4
Cinnamon Lounge - see Off The Blog 6
Dosa 'N' Chutny
Eat St
Elephant - see Off The Blog 6
Fernandez & Leluu (Invited Event)
The Gunmakers - see Off The Blog 4
K & K Street Foods
Kaosarn (Battersea)
Kaosarn (Brixton)
Koba - see Off The Blog 2
Launceston Place
Lisboa Patisserie
Ma Goa
Medcalf - see Off The Blog 2
Portal - see Off The Blog
Rasa Sayang (Dinner)
Rasa Sayang (Fish Head Vermicelli)
Roka - see Off The Blog
Roka Shochu Lounge
Salaam Namaste - see Off The Blog 6
Tapas Brindisa
Tonkotsu (Visit 2) - see Off The Blog 7

Other Restaurants in London - The Rest
Bangalore Express
Busaba Eathai (Bird St)
Busaba Eathai (Panton St)
Canteen - see Off The Blog 2
Camino - see Off The Blog
Dog & Fox
Fino - see Off The Blog 2
Fox and Grapes
Golden Dragon - see Off The Blog 7
Granger & Co
Greggs Cafe
Guyana Roti
Hare & Tortoise 
The Harrison
Jom Makan
Kiasu (CLOSED - Jan 2011)
Koba (Lunch)
La Rueda
The Lawn Bistro
Light Café
Me Me - see Off The Blog 5
Mien Tay
Monsieur M
Paolina Thai Café
Pho (Invited Event)
The Providores and Tapa Room
Ramen Seto (CLOSED - Feb 2012)
Rasa Sayang (Prawn Noodles)
Rasa Sayang Express
Rosa's (Visit 1) (Visit 2)
Talad Thai
Tonkotsu Bar and Ramen
Tsuru (Ticketed Ramen Events)
Viet Grill
Wallace & Co
White Horse
Yashin Sushi - see Off The Blog 5

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