Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tapas @ Barrica

What is it about the letter B and Spanish food in London? Be it Barrafina, Brindisa, or the subject of this post, Barrica, all the good places seem to begin with the letter B. And true to form, Barrica is bloody good. Of the eleven or so tapas we sampled, there wasn't a single duff dish, which is unusual for a tapas joint.

Jamon Iberico Cebo (grain & acorn-fed ham)
Esparragos frecos (asparagus w/Manchego cheese)
Pierna de cerdo (grilled pork leg)
Albondigas (meatballs) and croquetas pescado (salt cod croquettes) 
Whilst naming a favourite dish is difficult, I can recommend perusing the Tapas del Dia (daily specials), as there's some seriously good stuff on there such as the pierna de cerdo (grilled pork leg w/paprika & garlic) and the esparragos fresco (asparagus w/Manchego cheese). Of those tapas not pictured, the pulpo a la Gallega (Galician-style octopus) and the patatas bravas are must orders.

There's a lot to like about Barrica, with its buzzy atmosphere and genuinely warm service. Although the bill came to £140 (including 12.5% service) between the three of us, it was good value given that we sampled eleven tapas, two bottles of red and a small bottle of sherry. Strip out the booze, and you can eat really well for around £25/head.

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Barrica, 62 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4NE
(Tel: 020-7436-9448) Nearest tube: Goodge St


  1. And it's right by my office! (Though I prefer Salt Yard and Fino over it) If there's one thing Goodge St isn't lackiong, it's tapas restaurants :)

  2. I went for a stroll past only last night and reminisced about how much fun I had at Barrica. I love the atmosphere even more than the food I think (although food's good too).

  3. Mmm. Albondigas- Love. Looking for a good Albondigas soup in London.

  4. I like your B theory - there certainly could be something it!

  5. "Of the eleven or so tapas we sampled, there wasn't a single duff dish" -- *very* impressive. I'll check out Barrica asap!

  6. Melanie - not been to Salt Yard but I agree Fino is very good. That said, Barrica has a better vibe than Fino imho.

    GDiva - the atmos is great!

    LLady - albondigas soup? Not come across that before!

    GChick - I only hope cheap tapas joint don't take advantage of my B theory!

    A-in-L - I'm hoping the red wine and sherry didn't cloud my judgement!