London Hall of Fame

While I have picked out favourites on the London A-Z Reviews page, the restaurants that have made the Hall of Fame are those that I find myself returning to. I'm not saying they're perfect, but like with old friends, you can forgive the odd foible or two. And as explained elsewhere, my Hall of Fame doesn't necessarily consider all of London's restaurants, just those that I have an idea on what is good or not. Different restaurants suit different moods. And for that reason, the Hall of Fame isn't in any particular order other than price with Phoenix Palace being the most expensive and Hung's, the cheapest.

Phoenix Palace
Style: Cantonese/Dim Sum
In A Nutshell: Imagine being in Hong Kong when dining at this big, brassy restaurant that specialises in dim sum, seafood and Cantonese BBQ.
My Reviews: Oct 09, Feb 10, Sep 10
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Princess Garden of Mayfair
Style: Cantonese/Dim Sum
In A Nutshell: Posh Mayfair restaurant that just happens to serve some of London's finest dim sum including some treats seldom seen in the UK.
My Reviews: Jun 11, Sep 11
Other Reviews: Tamarind and Thyme, Cheese and Biscuits

Empress of Sichuan
Style: Sichuan
In A Nutshell: Serving fiery Sichuan classics in elegant surroundings, this is possibly the best restaurant in Chinatown.
My Review: Jan 10
Other Reviews: Chopstix 2 Steaknives, London Eater

Ba Shan
Style: Hunan
In A Nutshell: This Soho restaurant is the best place in the capital to sample the spicy cuisine of China's Hunan province.
My Review: Mar 11
Other Reviews: Hollow Legs, The Grubworm
Website: N/A

Song Que
Style: Vietnamese
In A Nutshell: The only non-Chinese hall of famer serves up my favourite bowl of noodles in London: phở tái nạm (rice noodle soup with rare steak & well-done flank).
My Review: Sep 09
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Chilli Cool
Style: Sichuan
In A Nutshell: A favourite haunt of students and expats from Mainland China, this authentic restaurant makes few concessions to the western palate.
My Review: Oct 09
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Style: Cantonese
In A Nutshell: Chinatown has many cheap and cheerful caffs, but this is my favourite for one-dish treats and take-away Cantonese BBQ.
My Review: Aug 09
Website: N/A