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This page links to my posts on Chinese food culture as well as my occasional series, World of Noodles. It's also the place where you'll find my 'recipes'.

About Chinese Food
Chinese Bakery
Cantonese BBQ - The Three Roasts
Chinese Menus
Old School Dim Sum
How To Order Dim Sum
A Slightly Inadequate Guide to Shanghai Cuisine
A Slightly Inadequate Guide to Taiwanese Cuisine
Crispy Aromatic Duck 香酥鴨
Tea Smoked Duck (Zhangcha Duck 樟茶鴨)
Adventures with Prickly Oil 花椒油
Memories of Little Horse 馬仔
Almond Cookies 杏仁酥
The King of Dim Sum: Har Gau 蝦餃
A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国
Braised Duck Wings In Master Stock 滷水鴨翼
Wu Gok 芋角 - A Dim Sum Legend

World of Noodles
World of Noodles
World of Noodles 2: String Hoppers
World of Noodles 3: Cup Noodles
World of Noodles 4: Fideuá
World of Noodles 5: E-Fu Noodles 伊府麵
World of Noodles 6: QQ Vermicelli 粉絲
World of Noodles 7: Nissin Raoh ラ王
World of Noodles 8: Cheung Fun 腸粉
World of Noodles 9: A Quick Guide to Ramen

Cooking with Nissin Ramen
Cooking with Egg Noodles
Fishball Noodle Soup
Linguine Chinese Style
Chinese Style Beef Steak by 3 Hungry Tummies
Gai Lan with Wasabi Soy Dip
Spanish Fried Rice 西班牙炒飯
Hot & Sour Soup Noodles (Inspired by Ottolenghi)
Brioche French Toast Marmalade Sandwich
Steamed Scallops with Glass Noodles 粉絲蒸帶子
Xinjiang-style Chilli & Cumin Chicken Wings
The Ultimate Fried Egg Sandwich

World Cup
World Cup - The Excluded
World Cup - 1st Round
World Cup - The Last 16
World Cup - Quarter Finals
World Cup - The Semis & The Final

The Golden Noodle Awards 2009-10
The Golden Noodle Awards 2010-11
The Golden Noodle Awards 2011-12
How I Became Mr Noodles
M&S Dim Sum - Don't Do It
Wish You Were Here
Let's Bring Ding Tai Fung to London
Din Tai Fung - The Campaign Goes On
Yook Hwei 육회
And Another Thing...
World's Best 50 Restaurants - Don't Make Me Laugh!
Chorizo Colombiano
The Debate: Why Does Japanese Food Cost More Than Chinese in London
The Debate: When Bad is Good
The Authenticity Debate
Kabuto Noodles
Ramen Class @ Yuki's Kitchen
The Joy of Instagram
Strange Habits
Lacking A Signature
The Copenhagen Model
The Way We Used To Eat
Food Bloggers Aren't Necessarily Hipsters - The Proof
The Joy of Hake
The 21st Century A-to-Z of Food & Drink
Time To Say Goodbye