Tuesday, 1 May 2012

London Classics 1: Lisboa Patisserie

New. Hip. Happening. I haven't been any of these things for a long time. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been hip or happening, although I was new, sometime in the 20th century. While I appreciate that much of London's foodie appeal is based on it being trendy, it does no harm to revisit some of the capital's old timers. Places like Lisboa Patisserie, where they have been quietly doing their own thing for many a year, away from the hyperbole that so often surrounds shiny and new London openings.

When I pitched up there the other week, it was jam-packed to the rafters, so I did what any sane bloke would do; I ordered my pastries to go. It goes without saying that the pastel de nata, the iconic Portuguese egg custard tart, is the calling card of this joint. And my God, it was bloody amazing with its flaky pastry and burnt eggy custard. There were other treats such as the other tart (on the right in the photo) whose name I've forgotten. It was pretty good, but it was no pastel de nata.

So, by all means chase the new, hip, happening joints in London town, but don't forget the old favourites. They've lasted for a reason. It's because they're good, damn good, so do yourself a favour and visit them.

Lisboa Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Lisboa Patisserie, 57 Golborne Road, London, W10 5NR (Tel: 020-8968-5242)
Nearest tube: Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove


  1. Oh, it's great there if you manage to snag a table to have a coffee with your pastries!

  2. The Pastel de Natas are really good there as you found out. I've also never ever managed to see any space to sit down there. Always on the go.
    I was looking at some old photos of Macau recently and remembering how good those tarts are.
    Still divided if they were better than the Chinese Egg Custard Tarts I ate in Hong Kong.

  3. Love pasteis de nata, though you do know that it's a very large stretch of the imagination to call them noodles.... 'don't they know who I am? I'm mr fucking noodles' ;-)

  4. I had lots when I was in Lisbon last weekend! Now I know where to go when I crave for one. Thanks Sung!

  5. Su-Lin - Good to know, but being of a languid disposition at weekends, I doubt I'll ever pitch up there early enough to bag a seat!

    Mzungu - despite being proud of my Canto culinary heritage, it's Pastel de Nata all the way for me!

    Donald - LOL! My blog is a wide church, but only when I get to choose what to preach!

    Tang - these are the best. Other places that serve so-called 'Portuguese egg custard tarts' (yes - I do mean you, Cafe Nero) are a pale imitation of the tarts found here.

  6. Hmmm a non noodle post - we can forgive you for custard tarts though - sublime, and as you say a true London classic!

  7. Oh Sung, what have you done... Since my girlfriend moved away from the area, I only get over there every couple of months now, but reviews like this will only serve to lengthen the queues! They are awesome and priced properly too. I was in Fernandez & Wells t'other day, and their Pastels de Nata are over two quid each! I think that a number of the indie coffee houses get them delivered by Lisboa...


  8. Cara - these are the best! BTW - can you get decent pastel de nata in Melbourne?

    Rich - LOL! The Q's are never that bad, but getting a seat? That's another story! BTW - as well as supplying tarts to other shops, I've heard there's a 2nd branch of Lisboa in Fulham.