Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Family Dosa @ Chennai Dosa

When I was kindly invited by Su-Lin to join some other foodie blogger twitterer types to check out the six-foot family dosa at Chennai Dosa, the answer was always going to be yes. Sometimes dishes like these are ordered for their novelty value rather than being any good, but in this case, I needn't have worried.

I was lucky enough to sit at the end where the dosa had a crispier consistency, and I enjoyed tucking into this with potato curry and the various chutneys. We didn't quite finish it off but we had a pretty good go at it.

There were other dishes too, and for Su-Lin's fuller account of the meal, please click here. There are branches of Chennai Dosa dotted around London, and we ate at the Ealing Road branch, which is pure vegetarian. This is adjacent to a non-vegetarian branch on High Road, Wembley.

Chennai Dosa Pure Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

Chennai Dosa, 3 Ealing Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 2AA
(Tel: 020-8782-8822) Nearest tube: Wembley Central


  1. I wish I could of made it, but work always gets in the way of good times. Lucky you were at the crispy end. The size of it is impressive, I wonder how many people it took to make?

  2. I'm all for the novelty value! :D And yes, luckily it tasted good too. Thanks for coming!

  3. Mzungu - I'm not sure how many people it took to make, but they must have been one hell of a griddle in the kitchen!

    Su-Lin - thanks again! We need to return to check out some of the other family-size dishes!