Thursday, 24 March 2011

World of Noodles 7: Nissin Raoh ラ王

Nissin Foods are legends of the noodle world having invented instant noodles with their Nissin Ramen (出前一丁) range before having the bright idea of Cup Noodles, which revolutionised noodle eating forever. Nevertheless, it'd be fair to say that neither of these iconic brands truly resembles fresh ramen noodles.

I guess that's where the Nissin Raoh ラ王 range comes in. From the red and gold packaging, you know that this is a premium noodle product.

There are numerous sachets including rich soy, soup mix, dried beansprouts and a slice of almost bacon-like fatty pork (freeze dried maybe?). Now I was a bit nervous at working out how to 'cook' these noodles but this handy video explains all.

So how do these noodles taste? Damn good is the answer; I'd go so far to say that they're the best instant noodles I've ever tasted. They actually resemble real ramen with a springy QQ texture in a rich broth. I had a few reservations about the astronaut food qualities of the pork and beansprouts, but both actually tasted pretty good. That said, of all the elements, it was the rich soy that stole the show – I'd buy bottles of it if I could.

Sadly, I don't think these noodles are available in Britain and I picked up this packet on my recent trip to Tokyo. If I'd known how tasty they were going to be, I would've filled a suitcase full of Nissin Raoh before coming home.

PS: Whilst I couldn't track down these noodles in London, you can buy other varieties of Japanese noodles at the Japan Centre, either at their store in Piccadilly or online. I appreciate charity is a very personal matter but you can make donations for the victims of the recent earthquake on their website when you shop online.


  1. Maybe you can start an import business for these noodles - they sound pretty good!

  2. Sadly, I don't think these noodles are available in Britain and I picked up this packet on my recent trip to Tokyo.

    Oh, you tease! I was just at the point of adding them to my shopping list, and then you say this!

  3. GChick -'ve got me thinking...

    kake - I will keep my eyes open for them in the UK, but I'm not holding out much hope.

  4. I'm with gourmet chick, that's a brilliant idea :) I love instant noodles IF I get the right ones. I was wrong a lot of times and would so buy from your shop to avoid disappointment.

  5. Ute - perhaps a noodle shop is the way forward...

  6. These are absolutely amazaing!!! My Japanese friend sent me some last week... and I'm addicted! I couldn't ask her to send me more, but I really wish they sold these in Britain! Loved everything about it, especially that little piece of pork!! Yummers!!! Compared with our noodles, they were gourmet. Ooooh....drooling ;) Great review, and if you did import them, I'd buy them buy the bucket-load from you haha!!!! They make a great meal. Finished off with green tea mochi and some cache cache tea.....perfik.

  7. Sophy Amelia - welcome! How sweet of your friend to send you some! My one regret is that I only brought the one pack home...

  8. I've got a case of these!!