Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Spanish Fried Rice 西班牙炒飯

As you may have gathered by now, I'm no great shakes in the kitchen. That said I do have a few dishes in my rather limited repertoire, one of which is fried rice.

Usually, I make this with whatever I have lying around. Stuff like leftover chicken might get bunged in a wok with some eggs, spring onion, and rice. Season with soy and finish off with some sesame oil and voila, a quick supper. Bit bloody boring really.

So one day I decided it to give my fried rice, an Iberian flavour with some chorizo, smoked paprika, peppers, onions and a couple of prawns. The end result needs some fine-tuning but I will be making this again.


  1. There is a Chinese restaurant runs by East Timorese that serves a similar fried rice with chorizo. Looks good!

  2. Still kinda looks like Chinese fried rice with lup cheong.. YUM. God i miss good lup cheong!

  3. Wot is Lup Cheong ?

    Fried rice looks damn good ......

  4. 3HT - a Chinese joint run by East Timorese - how intriguing! I guess the chorizo comes from the Portuguese influence in East Timor.

    Catty - looks like fried rice but tasted very different. I need to hone the seasoning to make it work.

    Mzungu - Lap cheong is Chinese sausage and I'll leave it to Wikipedia to further elaborate.

  5. Looks yummy! I've been hooked onto Indonesian fried rice since I first tried it. It's chucking loads of sweet ABC sauce.

  6. Saryn - oh yes, nasi goreng is a superior fried rice!