Friday, 3 May 2013

Food Bloggers Aren't Necessarily Hipsters - The Proof

There are some tired restaurant critics in the 'old' media who relentlessly bang on about hipsters and food bloggers as if they're one and the same. This is, of course, total bollocks. And if you don't believe me, here's the proof as depicted by a Venn diagram.

If A = Hipsters and B = Food Bloggers then the intersection A n B = Hipsters AND Food Bloggers (to those bad at maths, the intersection is the shaded area).

As the Venn diagram clearly demonstrates, while there are hipsters who are food bloggers, there are those that aren't. And by the same token, there are food bloggers – myself included – who aren't hipsters (not that's there anything wrong with being a hipster).

Not getting it? Well here's another example to explain the logic involved.

If A = Professional Restaurant Critics and B = Grumpy Middle Aged Blokes Who Dislike Social Media then the intersection A n B = Grumpy Middle Aged Male Professional Restaurant Critics Who Dislike Social Media*. In other words, not all professional restaurant critics are grumpy middle aged blokes who get the hump about social media.

* The terms 'Dimond' and 'Sexton' are often used to describe this category of restaurant critic.


  1. Ha, bloody brilliant.

    I'd venture to say the intersection of professional critics and grumpy middle aged blokes... is larger in size than the intersection of food bloggers and hipsters.

    But then, the grumpy middle aged bloke professional food critics have a tendency to be drawn (like moths to a flame) to the hipster food bloggers, tending to dismiss as dull the rest, so it's not surprising they have a skewed opinion. On most things.

    Of course, I'm JUST talking about the grumpy middle aged bloke professional food critics here...

  2. Well stated. I can't be a hipster food blogger, I don't use instagram.

  3. Haha love the diagram and applying it to both uses at once !!

  4. Oh, I met a couple of journos today who definitely into the intersection!

  5. Lovely work... I want to see the venn where you combine hipsters, food bloggers AND grumpy middle aged types who don't use social media! Maybe there's a quiz that would let you know where you fit on the scale?


  6. I fear I am at the A&B intersection - I have instagram and I wear purple glasses (however they do have a prescription, albeit very mild)

  7. Kavey - thanks. And yes, that intersection of grumpy middle aged bloke professional food critics is a large one!

    Foodycat - back to school! If C = Instagram users, then you're assuming C is a subset of A (Hipsters)- this is incorrect.

    HK Epicurus - there's much more fun to be had with Venn diagrams!

    Danny - I wonder if they had you marked as a 'hipster-blogger'?

    Rich - I think we might in the non-hipster getting long-in-the-tooth food blogger bit of a Venn diagram.

    Becs - are you eating lots of pimped-up junk food in loud venues full of young people? I think that's a key determinant of food-hipsterism.