Sunday, 30 January 2011

Noodle Shorts 1

I don't suppose the good people of Preston could give a toss that Wok 2 Eat is 'Preston's First American Style Noodle Bar'. I on the other hand was quite excited, although I didn't try their noodles, as I'd already eaten. Looking at the pan-Asian menu, I'm not sure quite sure what gives this joint its American character. My only guess is that they use American-style take-out containers.

This new feature is a total rip-off of inspired by this series.


  1. Am attempting to cast my mind back to think of what noodle experiences were available in Preston approx 10years ago.

    I got nothing! I think I only ate egg sandwiches...

    Please report back on more Preston based noodling! Perhaps next time you could try

  2. American style noodle bar? What does that mean? How do they serve noodles in America - sloppy with kraft cheese on top? I am confused. But then again, ain't chop suey an American invention (just like tikka masala from Glasgow). I'd definitely try it out, if only through curiosity.

  3. Nah, it's a total rip off if you ask me, but then again so was mine, which I'm sure I nabbed the idea form a few websites with their weekly "Wordless Wednesdays" photo's.
    Looking forward to No. 2

  4. Anon - perhaps I can persuade some of Preston's purveyors of pies to do a noodle pie?

    Gworm - I was inbetween pints so I didn't do too much research when walking past this place. Maybe they serve noodles with biscuits and grits in a good ol' fashioned southern style!

    Mzungu - thanks! I've got a few of these in the locker...