Sunday, 28 October 2012


Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities, and here are some of its sights seen through the filters of Instagram.

We stayed on Spuistraat, which had quite a Bohemian feel about it. I was particularly taken by the street art. I'd love to say we stayed at a commune, but we actually stayed at a hotel down the road.

Dutch food hasn't got the greatest reputation, but it does do what I call 'drinking food' very well. Take, for example, bitterballen; melty on the inside, crispy on the outside, these went really well with a beer or two. For good measure, we also ordered some kaasstengels (deep-fried cheese sticks).

A close cousin of bitterballen is krokotten (croquettes). These are typically served smashed on top of buttered soft sliced white bread with mustard.

I'm also a big fan of uitsmijter, which translates as 'bouncer'. Three fried eggs and ham (with optional cheese) served on a bed of, er, white bread is the perfect hangover cure after a night out on the beers.

Sadly, the Rijksmuseum remains closed until 2013. So we popped along to the nearby Heineken Experience, instead. My main interest was, naturally, in the retro beer art.

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