Friday, 26 August 2011

Food Blog Bingo

I have no doubt that someone somewhere has already come up with the concept of food blog bingo. After all, it's just a variation of the famous 'wank words bingo' that people play during tedious office meetings. Anyway, here's my first stab at food blog bingo. Are there any words/phrases that you think are missing and should be on the bingo card?


  1. Very good, I think you've included most of the worst offenders. I use the word crispy far too often, and crunchy too. I hate melt-in-the-mouth because it's always used to describe steak. I don't want my steak to melt-in-the-mouth. It's not bloody ice-cream.

  2. 'Gives', as in 'Gives way...'

    Unctuous is a bloody terrible word. I don't expect people to get out a thesaurus every time they describe food, but really, using the same word multiple times for different things hardly helps describe them. But then half the bloggers are eating the same things at the same places so...

  3. How about the oft misspelled 'moreish' (if I see moorish again...)?

  4. "washed down with"
    "desert" [sic]

    Two that I'm personally guilty of:
    "cheap and cheerful"
    "nicely presented"

    I also say "competent" a lot, but I try to edit out my excessive "really"s.

    (Though I insist that I'm not a foodblogger. I'm a geographer who eats out a lot.)

  5. "Buttery Biscuit Base" crept naughtily into my head and now I can't get it out!

  6. Dave - melt-in-the-mouth is one I use far too much!

    Ben - there's diversity in blog reviews if you look.

    Su-Lin - moorish, er I mean moreish is a definite one for bingo!

    kake - competent is one that I trot out far too often, especially in 'competently rendered'

    Hungry Female - alliteration, I like it. We could start up a whole new game with this one...

  7. *Authentic* has to be on there!

  8. Anon - how could I have missed out authentic! Top spot!

    Frank - not sure about 'scrumptious'...

  9. One of my mates always takes the piss out of how much I use 'bouncy' to describe a texture...

  10. Lizzie - ha ha! The only reason why I don't use bouncy that much is cos I SO overuse springy!

  11. Dizzing highs and crushing lows when describing a poncy tasting menu