Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Cantonese Season

Fish-skin dumplings (魚皮餃)
'In Beijing, one talks; in Shanghai, one shops; and in Guangzhou, one eats.'

This famous saying neatly sums up the status of Guangzhou 廣州 (previously better known as Canton in the west) as China's culinary capital. And it's no exaggeration to say that Cantonese cuisine (粵菜 yue cai) is held in the highest esteem throughout the Chinese-speaking world. In contrast, it has a bit of an image problem in the west, as many people associate it with a bastardised version typified by gloopy multicoloured dishes.

Consequently, with the exception of dim sum, Cantonese food isn't that fashionable nowadays, especially when compared to other Asian cuisines. For example, Japanese food is perceived to be classier, and other Chinese cuisines, most notably Sichuan, are seen as more exciting.

More's the pity in my opinion, as there's so much more to my native cuisine than sweet & sour pork. And having just returned from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, I feel inspired to blog loads about it. That's why for the next month or so, it's going to be The Cantonese Season on Eat Noodles Love Noodles. But for those of you who can't wait 'til the start of the season, here's a few posts on Cantonese food that I made earlier:

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  1. can't wait! I havent been to Guangzhou yet. Looking forward to your travel posts.

  2. kake - I'll be kicking off with noodles from Hong Kong.

    Kay - if anything, the food in GZ eclipses that found in HK.

  3. I'm looking forward to this as we are off to China later this year and hitting Canton and Hong Kong at the end .....

  4. Mzungu - lucky you! Hope you have a great time in China!