Monday, 20 June 2011

Cantonese Classics Part 1 @ Fu Sing 富聲

There are many restaurants in Hong Kong whose stock-in-trade is knocking out quality 'banquet-style' Cantonese dishes. One such place is Fu Sing (富聲), where I had dinner with a big party of colleagues. Loads of dishes were ordered and here are the highlights:

Nowadays it's quite fashionable to serve crispy belly pork (siu yuk 燒肉) in a geometrically perfect mini-portion. This was damn good but I was a bit upset that the flavoursome bottom layers of the belly had been carved off. Boo!

Continuing on the roast pork theme, Fu Sing's juicy and succulent cha siu (义燒) is said to be amongst the best in Hong Kong. Having tasted it, I can understand why.

The moreish deep fried cuttlefish mouths (墨魚口) went really well with beer.

Ducks' tongues (鴨舌) was another fine appetiser, and had more meat than you might first anticipate.

Salted egg yolk deep fried king prawn (鹹蛋黃炸蝦). This may not be the healthiest dish, but who cares when it's so damn tasty!

Some of the guests at dinner were from Singapore, and they remarked that the peppery pork rib & mooli soup (肉骨蘿蔔湯) bore some similarities to bak kut teh (肉骨茶) – no higher praise in my opinion.

Quite possibly the most interesting dish of the evening was the 'ham sarnie' – someone at the table mentioned that it might contain the prized Jinhua ham (金華火腿). I loved the combo of ham with steamed mantou (饅頭) and lotus seeds (蓮子).

The e-fu noodles with crab (蟹伊麵) was a fine choice, especially as the crab had been steamed with rice wine, which the noodles soaked up nicely.

The food was of a high standard, better than Cantonese fare in the UK, but par for the course for this kind of restaurant in Hong Kong. That said, the cha siu is different class and is the one dish that you should visit Fu Sing for.

Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant 富聲魚翅海鮮酒家
1/F, 353 Lockhart Road, Sunshine Plaza, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
香港 灣仔 駱克道353號三湘大廈1樓
Tel: +852-2893-0881
Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay

Postscript: I ate at the Wan Chai branch of Fu Sing, but there's another branch in Causeway Bay, which other foodies reckon is better.


  1. I think Fu Sing uses really good ingredients, that's a good thing ! And its priced at acceptable prices.

    Their Char Siu is good, amongst the best. But people argue over which restaurant does the best, but even with leeway and tolerance included - don't bother with Dynasty! Their any other dish is better than the C.S. :S

    Quite often people say Island Tang's version is the best in HK these days. I beg to differ, as I had some in Macau which were even way better! I love Fu Sing for Yum Cha though, late discovery by me!! : )

  2. the cha siu looks damn good. I love the way they are cutting the pork belly into perfect portions.
    I'm a big lover of duck tongues and they look good.
    I think we are going to head over the border for a few days now.....

  3. HK Epicurus - I didn't get round to going to Fu Sing for dim sum, will defo try next time. Thanks also for the other tips.

    Mzungu - I'm not sure about the symmetric siu yuk. Yes, it looks good but what happens to those bottom layers of pork belly?!

  4. Oh, now there's another thing I need to try for the first time — duck tongues! I had no idea they were so long.

  5. kake - whilst I wouldn't say that they're ubiquitous, duck tongues do pop up on quite a few menus in London's Chinese restaurants. If memory serves, I've seen them on the dim sum specials board at Phoenix Palace, and as a starter at the Empress of Sichuan.

  6. This has made me all wistful now. And HUNGRY. I had an eye injury when I was at Fu Sing. I could barely see what I was eating, but I knew it tasted AMAZING! (especially the siew yoke and char siew).

    Thanks for capturing the images for me!


  7. Wen - it's why I blog so that I remember great meals, and this was a cracker.