Friday, 2 April 2010

New Pages

Eat Noodles Love Noodles has been going through some growing pains so I've decided to make life easier for readers, new and old. The observant amongst you will have noticed the appearance of a section entitled 'Pages' on my sidebar.

These pages have been under construction but they are now fully operational. Rather than trawl through archives or use the search toolbar, you can now track down the review or post you were looking for more easily.

A-Z London Restaurant Reviews - this pretty much does what it says on the tin. The restaurants are categorised as Chinese or Other and I've highlighted my favourites. As well as links to individual restaurant reviews, this page also includes links to the 'Off the Blog' series and other London guides.

Cooking & Culture - this page includes links to my posts on Chinese food culture as well as the occasional series, World of Noodles. If you want to have a good laugh, you'll also find links to my efforts at recipes.

Food & Travel - this page rounds up my eating adventures outside of London. These include links to individual restaurant reviews and city guides.

By the way if there are any restaurants that you think I should visit then please send an e-mail to

Happy Easter ! 


  1. So pleased with Blogger in Draft, some of the features I felt were missing here are now available. I planned to create some additional pages too (recipes, restaurant reviews, etc), but found interesting that you decided to have it on on the right hand side of your blog as opposed to a toolbar at the top of the blog. I will be working on mine this weekend. Hope it won't be too hard.... well done.

  2. I'm liking your new pages - very convenient for someone like me to find good restaurants without effort. All you need now is an iPhone and Android app...

  3. LF - just thought it looked better on the sidebar in this case. More boring than hard.....

    GW - thanks! Not sure about apps, I'm not even on twitter!