Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

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Happy New Year ! Like most people, I'm crap at keeping my New Year's resolutions but this year will be different as I have my blog to keep me on the straight and narrow. So as my personal resolutions fall by the wayside, the blog will be doing its best to stick to its resolutions which are:

More Noodles
Considering my blog is called 'Eat Noodles Love Noodles', it's pretty poor that so little has been written about noodles over the last couple of months. This is going to change and the blog will refocus on noodles which means I'll be back on the trail of London's best noodles. I'll also be taking the blog in a new direction by posting about different types of noodles and how to cook them.

Global Noodles
I'll be tracking down noodles from different parts of the world. Up to now, I've only looked at noodles in East Asian cooking. Of course, there's pasta but I want to cast my noodle net outside of the traditional strongholds of the Far East and Italy. I've started my research but I have no idea where this will lead !

Cooking ? You have got to be shi.....
I'm a bit nervous about this as I can't believe that I'll be giving tips on how to cook on the internet. Whatever next, Roy Keane writing about anger management ? I'm not quite sure how this will pan out but I won't be using recipes – think of it as punk cooking – well something like that anyway. Truth is I'll be making it up as I go along.

Eating Locally
I live south of the river on the boundary of Zones 3 and 4, not that you'll know from my blog. The fact is I've been concentrating on Zone 1 eating and whilst I'll continue to write about central London, I'm going to start spreading my wings to all parts of this great city.

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My Code
Like Omar from The Wire, I have a code except mine is to do with blogging rather than stealing from drug dealers. I know there's a food bloggers' code of ethics out there but that’s too restrictive for my liking. I mean who has time and money to go to a restaurant more than once before writing about it. So here is my code:

Try to be fair – reviewing restaurants is highly subjective and so many factors can affect your experience. I like to think I do this anyway but I will explain in detail why I dislike a place and whether there were any particular circumstances that might have influenced my opinion. This also means ......

Full disclosure – by this I don't just mean letting you know if I get a freebie (see below). It also means informing my readers whether I'm a regular at a certain restaurant or whether I've had bad experiences at a place in the past. And whilst we're on the subject of full disclosure, you should know that I'm not always consistent.......

Consistency – I'm a sucker for a certain type of eatery – you know the ones – places like Hung's, Song Que, Ramen Seto, and Chilli Cool where the kitchen takes precedence over interior design. Rightly or wrongly, I know I will give these places an easier ride than posh glitzy restaurants and shiny boxfresh chains. I know this isn't consistent with trying to be fair but at least you now know where I'm coming from.

Freebies – I've yet to be offered any freebies from any food-related PR peeps. Anyway, if I do get one then I'll fully disclose the fact and will try my best to review it as if I'm a paying customer. By the way, if Marcus Wareing’s PR is reading this, please can you let the great man know that dinner at Petrus remains one of finest meals I've ever had. Although it was nearly 10 years ago, it feels just like yesterday. Frankly, it's a travesty that he hasn't got his 3rd Michelin star yet. Well you never know who's reading......


  1. If you get an invitation to Marcus Wareing's Berkeley then I'm going to start dropping hints and not-so-subtle-demands too. So far only Sketch and Hache has made any response to my reviews.

  2. I doubt they'll take my tongue-in-cheek approach seriously. But hey, you might as well start at the top if you're gonna try to blag ! BTW I am kidding, in case the blog police think for a sec that I'm being serious.