Friday, 22 July 2011

Senses of Thailand @ Selfridges

This post is a little late, as the Senses of Thailand promotion at Selfridges ends 30th July. Whilst I don't accept many PR invites, I couldn't resist this one. After all, Thai is one of my favourite cuisines. There's lots of great stuff at this promotion with the likes of Patara and @siam dispensing free samples.

However, the highlight has to be the mash-up (look at me getting down with the kids) between Nahm and Selfridges Champagne and Oyster Bar, where special dishes devised by Nahm's head chef, Matthew Albert are available. My favourite was the oysters with peanut and green mango nahm jim (hoi nang rom nahm jim).

Apologies for the brevity of this post, but I'm going away on holiday – a proper one without the intrusions of the interweb. I'll respond to your comments and e-mails when I get back. The next post will be on August 8th. See you then.


  1. Have a good trip ...... Where you off to ?

  2. I wanted to make it along to this as it sounds great but had a work commitment. Happy holidays!

  3. Mzungu - just got back from Cuba. It was amazing!

    GChick - shame you couldn't make it. Thanks!

    Su-Lin - I did! Thanks!