Sunday, 1 May 2011

Best Festival Food Ever...

Good festival food is not an oft-heard phrase. I'm sure you're already forming a picture of a dodgy burger van selling botulism in a bun. So you can imagine my shock when I saw a gleaming made-to-order pizza stall at the Cheltenham Festival.

As I walked closer, I could see fresh pizza dough being rolled, toppings applied, and pizzas being shoved in and out of an oven with a paddle. It was a proper oven too, one with flames. After placing my order of a pepperoni & jalapeño pizza, I waited no more than 5 minutes to be served a quality pizza.

It wasn't too much of a rip-off either at £7. I'd even go so far to say that it's better than Pizza Express (not hard I know) and compares favourably with the blogsensus pizza of choice at Franco Manca.

So on a day when the bookies did rather well out of me, I was relieved to have picked at least one winner!


  1. I think festival food is on the up; I had a cracking curry at Bestival a couple of years ago.

  2. The pizza looks great... As oyu said at least you had one winner...
    Not only is festival food improving, but street food is getting a lot better, as was proved at the Street Food Festival on the South Bank this weekend. ( check out )

  3. Ha! You have written it up :) Does look very good. Just as well festival food is improving, I had food poisoning once from a chicken curry eaten at some festival. Not nice...

  4. Wow good to hear. As Lizzie notes the food at Bestival is pretty good, and Glastonbury also has some good options but in general any festival seems to be an excuse to totally rip people off with overpriced crap.

  5. Lizzie - as well as curries, Indian wraps tend also to be a good bet at outdoor events.

    Mzungu - I popped along to the Street Food Festival on Saturday. The BBQ pulled pork was OK, but I was expecting more. I fear I'm getting too demanding in my old age...

    Ute - I said I would! Like all festival food, curries can be hit and miss.

    GChick - you're right, festivals and sporting events tend to be total rip-off for food. I was looking at paying over the odds for a burger before I saw this pizza stall!

  6. I just came back fron Naples and had my definition of pizza totally redefined! That looks good and I can't wait to try Franco Manca as a comparison.

  7. Kay - lucky you! I hope you're going to blog about the pizza from Naples.