Friday, 7 January 2011

The Ashes

Congratulations to England on winning The Ashes, 3-1. I don't want to gloat too much about England's victory but Kylie, Pat Cash, John Howard, Glenn McGrath, Harry Kewell, Rolf Harris, David Campese, and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo – you guys took one hell of a beating! But what if the tiny little urn was played over food rather than cricket? Would England's dominance be as overwhelming? Would Australia wilt in the heat of battle? Much like cricket, a lot would ride on the 'wicket'.

For example, the Aussies would prevail on 'wickets' such as breakfast/brunch, steak, seafood, and most Asian cuisines, in particular the holy trinity of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. England would favour Indian conditions, as well as more European style 'wickets', especially haute cuisine. There are exceptions though, and I see the Aussies performing strongly if the groundsman prepared a Greek or Italian wicket.

So I guess it'd be fair to say that both teams would expect to win at home whilst losing away. From a selfish perspective that's a shame, as my favourite tucker tends to be done better down under. So there's only one thing for it, England need to up their game to win the Foodie Ashes, home and away. In particular, some extra training is required on the grill and with the wok! Oh, and whilst we're at it, we could do with more places doing BYO. I guess there are still some things that we can learn from the Aussies!


  1. Can't say that I understand cricket. Someone got to explain the game to me. But am I glad that England has something to be cheerful about! Congrats to the team!

  2. I am so with you re BYO - that was one of the wonderful things about eating in Oz. That and those fresh ingredients. *Sigh*.

    We're not there yet on the good midrange food and decent E/SE Asian, but I reckon the UK is competitive on brekkie and more than holds it's own at dinner and, as you say, subcontinental food.

  3. I am keeping quiet on the cricket, but am totally with you on brunches and most Asian cuisines (how I miss a good Thai feast) being better in Aus - as is coffee, Greek, Italian (and pizza joints - like my beloved Mr Wolf!)... oh, and we have dim sims, Tim Tams and Haighs chocolate. There are so many fresh, modern restos in Melbourne (Cutler and Co, Cumulus Inc etc) which are more akin to places in New York than anything we see here in Britain. We have some fabulous haute cuisine too - try Vue de Monde in Melbourne. Thank you for giving us Aussies something positive to think about on this cruel, cruel day and allowing me this small window to gloat about something.

  4. The only coverage of The Ashes that is positive to us poor Aussies! Thanks Mr Noodles.

  5. LChow - I was ecstatic that England won, as I've been waiting a long time for an Ashes win on Aussie soil. I'm now looking forward to getting some decent kip!

    Gworm - brekkie is a tough call. The thing is I have very fond memories of brekkie down under but this may have something to do with being on holiday when you can linger over the first meal of the day!

    GDiva/GChick - commiserations on the cricket! However, without wishing to stereotype, I don't think it's any consolation to the vast majority of your compatriots that you arguably have better food!

    As you both know, I love the food down under, especially in Melbourne, and as I mentioned in the post, most of my favourites are done better in Oz. It's my dream that one day those favourites are done just as well or better in blighty. It'd be just as good as winning the Ashes!

  6. Australians prevail on breakfast?!?!?!? Madness. Madness. England's one true world class dish remains a fry up.

  7. Tomeats - you are spot on that the full English is a world class meal, but imho, it's easier to get a decent affordable fry-up down under than up here. It looks like brekkie could be one of those hard fought test matches between England and the Aussies!