Monday, 26 October 2009

Almond Cakes

Whilst traipsing around Chinatown doing a bit of food shopping, I came across a packet of 'hang hen beng' or almond cakes (although they're actually biscuits). I try not to eat too much sweet stuff nowadays as I have to make some sacrifices for my six-pack but I couldn't resist popping these in the shopping basket.

I'd love to say that these were a childhood favourite but truth be told McVities were more common in the Noodles household. Although that's not to say we didn't have the occasional treat of Chinese cakes and biscuits when I was little. My favourite was sachima but I do remember almond cakes with their crumbly texture and fragrant nutty flavour.

I couldn't wait to rip open the packaging when I got home but when I did, I was disappointed. The biscuits were too crumbly and the almonds had been ground to obliteration. They were also too sweet with a synthetic taste probably from the preservatives that stretched the shelf life to a year.

Sadly, these were a pale imitation of the almond cakes, my Mum brought back from China a couple of years ago. If anyone knows of a better brand of almond cakes then let me know. Otherwise, I'll have to wait 'til the next time I see my parents when they'll mock me about my inadequate Chinese biscuit buying skills.


  1. What a shame! The best I've had were in Macau, and they were still warm from the oven...

  2. Lucky you! I've heard that the almond cakes from Macau are very good.

  3. Oooh I remember these! 1 wrong intake of breath and you'll suffocate in almond crumbs...